WallPlanter, Green Wall using Green Screens in planters

Green Wall

WallPlanter consists of large specifically designed customised aluminium planter into which Mobilane Green Screens are planted. WallPlanter is now a tried and tested product providing an instant fully planted green wall which has proven to be highly successful over a number of years on both new and existing structures and buildings. The WallPlanter system is particularly helpful in combating the rise of sub micron particulate pollution (PM10) in city environments.


The planters with the Green Screens are installed against a façade of a new or an existing building. The planters for the green wall can be supplied in different RAL colours. The WallPlanter-system uses the latest technology to provide an insulated and highly favourable environment for the plants to ensure decades of healthy growth with minimum maintenance.

Benefits of WallPlanter

  • equipped with the most modern automation technology
  • available in different colours
  • low water usage
  • graffiti prevention
  • insulation
  • non-flammable
  • long lifetime of the green wall
  • fine dust absorption
  • fauna friendly
  • enhances the property value

Green Wall Technical

  • Aluminium planter  dimensions  3900 x 500 x 500 mm (other lengths possible)
  • Coating planter or frontcover planting optional
  • Usage of fully grown Green Screens up to 220cm height
  • Total weight of base element 1250 kg (1450 kg fully saturated)
  • Fully automatice irrigationsystem
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