MobiRoof, Green Roofing

Mobiroof is a clip together sedum cassettes system that can be easily laid onto the surface of a roof. The cassettes are suited for roofs of garden houses, garages and carports.  Also larger roofs can be turned into a green roof. The Mobiroof cassettes are cultivated with 4 – 6 different kinds of sedum.


The Mobiroof-cassettes are easy to install and can be clipped together very easily. Architectural adjustments are not necessary, just make sure you that the material under the cassettes is root resistant.

Benefits of a living roof

  • Nice view during every season
  • Water retention
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Insulation properties in summer and winter
  • Helps to reduce CO2
  • Easy access to roof surface
  • Low maintenance


In several cities in Europe you can apply for a grant when installing a green roof. Please contact your commune and ask for the possibilities of a planted roof.

Technical MobiRoof

  • Size green roof cassettes: 54 x 54 x 9 cm
  • Water retention approx. 20 liter/m2
  • Weight fully saturated 58 kg/m2
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