Greening UK Villages Seer Green

Greening UK villages: Mobilane Green Screen in Buckinghamshire

Adding a swathe of instant green boundary to a private front garden in Seer Green, Buckinghamshire, this 1.55m high x 1.2m wide Mobilane Green Screen is planted with Pyracantha Dart’s Red, in eight panels.

Curving around the garden’s front and side edge, the new Pyracantha partition sits next to an established Mobilane green screen (see top left of image above) that we supplied just two years ago.  The neighbours plan to take “greening their village” to the next level, as they convince others along the street to join them in adding green screens along the frontage for maximum impact and enjoyment from the whole community.

We plan to revisit the homeowners and see how they are getting on in the future.  Go, Seer Green!

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