“The Mission of Mobilane is to build a greener and healthier environment”

Innovative green systems designed, engineered and grown by Mobilane offer new and exciting possibilities for enhancing spaces, even when there is little space. Buildings’ walls, both interior and exterior, roof spaces, corridors and meeting spaces offer plenty of scope for adding greenery to contribute to wellbeing and a more pleasing environment. In retail, hospitality, transport, education, government, in fact in almost every sector, there are spaces where our systems are designed to add value.

Our ready made green systems

Instant green screen
A green roof is super easy
Green wall with Mobilane Green Screens in planters
Noise-reducing wall
Sustainable plant wall
Living picture made up of plants
The green room rivider

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Member of the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) and listed on NBS Plus

Mobilane UK Ltd

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