LivePanel, living wall

Living Green Wall

LivePanel is a sustainable  ‘living wall’-system for Green Walls for existing and new buildings, indoors and outdoors. A living wall is not only good for the environment (insulation and fine dust absorption) but also offers a great view.


The LivePanel living wall system is a modular system. The modules have a specially developed substrate designed to enable the plants to establish and thrive.

The panels are stacked onto the face of a building or wall and secured by an aluminium frame. The feeding of the plants with water and nutrients is ensured by an integrated irrigation and drainage system.

With a wide selection of plants which can be used for the living wall, LivePanel allows for a lot of creative freedom in the design.

Benefits of  LivePanel living wall

  • modular green wall system
  • considerable freedom in design and plant choice
  • equipped with the most modern automation technology
  • prevents and covers graffiti on walls
  • low water usage (up to 80% less in comparison to other systems)
  • temperature and sound insulating properties
  • Non-flammable
  • long lifetime of the living wall
  • fine dust absorption
  • fauna friendly
  • supports company image
  • enhances the property value


  • LivePanel modules are standard 40 x 40 cm.
  • Depth LivePanel construction (excl. plants) 10 cm
  • Integrated irrigationsystem for the living wall
  • The weight load of the living wall is 35/40 kg/m2 fully saturated
  • Modules can be made to measure to fit around doors and windows

Additionally Mobilane can deliver a Live Spectrum – LED fitting concept.

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